Saturday, May 15, 2010

This site is dedicated to heroes from all walks of life from all over the world who need to be recognized, honored, and remembered. Memorials For Heroes Founder Rich Bergeron created this site to raise more awareness about everyday heroes like U.S. Army Captain Anthony Palermo, Jr. who gave his life for his country on his second tour of duty in Iraq.

Captain Palermo would surely be proud to know his memory and his selfless sacrifice generated such a positive effort to recognize other heroes from the military and beyond. A memorial plaque (see photo) and a series of public tribute events are in the works for Palermo, and that's just for starters. There's been a tremendous outpouring of support from active service military personnel to help recognize this American hero, and that made the next move a no-brainer. Now there is a plan to initiate a scholarship fund in Captain Palermo's honor to benefit his son Marcus and Brockton High School seniors.

We are working to expand our reach and grow exponentially over the course of the next year with as many events as we can think of to promote the cause and spread the word. We are in the process of seeking 501c3 Status and would appreciate anyone willing to provide pro-bono legal services in that regard. For now we have a fund set up to track donations and will continue to update people on upcoming events and happenings related to our effort to recognize heroes everywhere. We are interested in making any partnerships with groups that have common interests and will gladly promote other charities and enterprises operating in the same spirit as we do to recognize the selfless sacrifices of heroes all over the globe.

If you would like to volunteer or become an officer in our future 501c3 Organization, please email memorialsforheroes@yahoo.com and let us know your qualifications and any ideas you might have for how you could assist us. You can use the same address if you would like to host an event or have a suggestion about an event or other information that might help us. If you would like to make a contribution that you want to be tax deductible, you can go through our main partner: New England Warrior, Inc. and make the donation care of Memorials For Heroes. We are working with New England Warrior to coordinate local Northeast events in the United States.

Please check out our links and stay tuned for more information about our upcoming events in honor of heroes everywhere. Click on the donate button on the right sidebar to support our mission to create memorials of all shapes and sizes and tribute efforts all over the globe to honor fallen heroes.


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