Friday, November 19, 2010
By: Rich Bergeron

Heroism is much more than an important value. It's a way of life for some people, and they react to injustice or tragic circumstances without a second thought. They throw themselves into the fire again and again if it saves the lives of others. If they die on duty, then so be it. That's what they signed up for.

Heroism is unfortunately all to often a rare commodity in today's society. Not everyone feels like they can really be a hero, whether it is because they don't feel strong enough or because they can't afford it, or maybe they don't have the spine for it. We've become a society of cogs, thinking we're specialized pieces and better leave the heroism to the military and the civil service folks. Yet, everyone could be a hero if they really wanted to and the moment ahead of them required heroism. You don't need a phone booth or a Superman costume. It's only a matter of confidence and a willingness to step up and help.

Whatever the reason so many people don't step up and do great things as much as they should, it also seems people who are heroic often get overlooked, or they fade away. We need to make the stories of heroes historic. Something we don't just hear about on Veteran's Day or Memorial Day. We need to make those lives matter and share their stories with the world, so that others will want to follow their example of bravery and fortitude in their own lives. Role models like the men and women who have earned the hero label throughout history should be celebrated and thanked.

To promote the Thanksgiving For Heroes concept I would like to print stories of heroic people that are personalized and nominated by real people out there. I'd like to keep this up through the holidays, straight through to the new year, and beyond. It should be a central theme of this site to salute everyday heroes from all walks of life, so we will keep the thanks coming. Please email Memorials For Heroes Founder Rich Bergeron at to nominate a hero from your community or family. Please be creative and include pictures. I will write a personal account of their heroism working with your material and approval, and I will post a blog here on the site telling your hero's story.


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