Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Military Mom Angela Lashley has an important mission this holiday season. Her son's safe return from war and devoted service to his country keeps her inspired to help other soldiers and their families. She recently participated in a podcast interview describing her goals to spread the blue star movement across the nation in order to keep the spirit of soldier appreciation alive. Please visit her Web-site sobravesong.com. You can listen to her interview by CLICKING HERE.

During the holiday season it is very important to realize, regardless of your politics, that soldiers everywhere need your help. Their bravery and sacrifice is important to acknowledge and appreciate, and there are many important charities helping out in this capacity. Support one of these charities or think of something you can do independently to help a family or soldier in need during this holiday season.

Please spread the word however you can about Angela's important motherly mission and share her songs and message of appreciation with everyone you know.


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